Run Tribes

Using a combination of Ultra Running techniques, including fatigue conditioning, high altitude and extreme weather training techniques.

Wellness For Women

Using the Wellness for Women program, women take a community approach to achieving balance of Fitness and Nutritional Wellness.

The Point Guard Academy

Athletes develop elite skills, and their individual development as Student Athletes are measured, tested and ranked under our proprietary Performance 7.0 System.

Summer Of 3s

Pro athletes train and compete in invitation only training combines and summer competitions, representing their city.


Performance Endurance Analytics enhances your athletic development and benchmarks you against elite global athletes.

The Business of Sport

Performance Data Analytics and New Business and Revenue Models for Sports are explored and implemented.

The Download

Run Tribes Episode 6 – When City Trails call, take the opportunity to unwind and escape…...

What is he giving me? Accept. Accept that something is going to be taken away. That something may be ‘my favorite move’; My go to! It just got taken away by superior defence. Now what I am going to do? Panicking is easy; it’s even......

Athletes Kitchen Maintaining Your Strategic ‘Nutrition’ Advantage on the Road… Competition is hard enough! You put in the extra effort at practice and eat the way you are suppose to; in particular the day of a home game. What happens when you have travel to......