Our Mission

iconnect2u Sports exists to facilitate pro athlete endurance development! Our athletes know that their competitive advantage is everything…We focus on the fundamental building blocks of performance, and push expectations to the limits….Greatness is mandatory! Grit is necessary! Our combine environment and Summer of 3s competition allow us to showcase the progress of our pro athletes. Our incubator (The Point Guard Academy) helps us nurture future pro prospects. Our data analytics and data performance models help our athletes maintain a global benchmark measure against their daily output, in the gym and on the field. Domination is our destiny. Fall Seven. Rise Eight!

Our Competitive Advantage

Global training expertise and results

Summer of 3s
Pro athletes train and compete in invitation only training combines and summer competitions, representing their city.
Using the Wellness for Women program, women take a community approach to achieving balance of Fitness and Nutritional Wellness.
Select high school athletes develop elite skills, and their individual development as Student Athletes are measured, tested and ranked under our proprietary Performance 7.0 System.
The Business of Sport
Within a confidential Roadshow/Q&A Business Environment, Performance Data Analytics and New Business and Revenue Models for Sports are explored and implemented, including benchmark data analytics, as well as integration of technology for enhancing sports performance as well as fan based experiences and entertainment.