The moment of decision is simple. You have to be willing. You have to be willing to execute without seeing the path. You have to be willing to execute with unpredictable natural variables in your way; some of them unexpectingly altering the path. I am centered in the moment. I cannot see the ground for the waterfall current. I do not know when the debt fluctuates between 1 feet and 2 feet of running water from the waterfall. I know I have to stay the course! I know I have to own my line! There are no safety ropes. There are no time outs. My internal compass is focused only on each step. If my line of sight cannot coordinate the interia of my feet and legs dipping and rising through the current, then I am no where. If I am no where, then I am left to deal with the chaos of the unknown. How far would I drift with the waterfall current if I cannot stay the course? The only thing I know, is I am in ‘the now’. Now, is the time to strike! Now, is the time for victory!


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